CPSCM™ Has Done it Again – One of Europe’s Largest Energy Companies Gets Their Strategic Procurement Dept CPSCM™ Certified

Congratulations to Vattenfall AB, one of the largest energy companies in Europe, for getting 83 members from across Europe in their strategic procurement department to one location to have Omid G provide them with world class CPSCM™ Certification training. 

Already an incredibly progressive Strategic Procurement organization, new opportunities were found to make the strategic shifts the CPSCM™ program has been recognized for:

·        Shift the paradigm, from moving costs along the supply chain to taking them out of the supply chain.

·        Rearchitect the full procurement lifecycle to be singularly focused on the acquisition of PERFORMANCE RESULTS (instead of goods & services).

·        Drive upstream design for TCO with internal end users and key supply chain partners – taking costs out of the purchase before negotiations ensue.

·        Leverage investigative and learning negotiation models to enable the joint creation of value.

·        Solicit and harness supplier innovation for improved short- and longer-term performance and TCO results.

·        Secure procurement a seat at-the-table with internal business units to design and drive organizational performance metrics and negotiation strategies focused on organizational success

Ultimately, the goal is to have organizations that are CPSCM™ certified is for them to both Be and Be Perceived as Being a Value Added Center of Profit inside their companies

Many thanks to the Vattenfall AB organization, and to the leadership of their CPO, who provided this quote:

“Omid Ghamami is one of the top gurus in the world, in the world of procurement and strategic negotiations.”

– Alberto Rebollo Mendez, Chief Purchasing Officer, Vattenfall

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