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21st Century Buying for Public Procurement Officers

Advanced Public Purchasing Excellence Series

21st Century Purchasing for Public Purchasing Professionals

We are pleased to announce a four part Advanced Purchasing Excellence video training series exclusively developed for Government & Public Sector Purchasing and Procurement Professionals.  

Globally recognized purchasing expert Omid Ghamami teaches world class principles to boost your purchasing skills, capabilities, and  – ultimately – your career.


In this video training series you’re going to learn:

  • What the top issues and changes are in public sector purchasing and how to tackle them
  • Dealing with issues of risk aversion & lack of incentives to pursue TCO opportunities
  • What the “Seven Deadly Sins” of government purchasing are and how to avoid them
  • What three Fundamental Shifts you need to be taking NOW to put your career on the fast track
  • The evolution of public purchasing and what you need to do to not fall behind
  • How taking 4 key actions will not only improve your results, but also your job satisfaction
  • How custom Specs and SOW are eating up cost savings and what you can do to make it stop
  • How you can stop just ordering what the customer wants and start adding value to purchases
  • What government statute gives you a gold badge to roll up your sleeves and negotiate deals
  • Why innovation is problematic and what simple trick will save you time and get you better results
  • What fatal flaw purchasing professionals make in their solicitations that suppliers love
  • How to structure your SOW and Spec for PERFORMANCE RESULTS instead of for resources
  • Simple steps to doing cost models and knowing which types to use and when
  • How to leverage supplier innovation to get better results, while you get the credit as the maestro
  • How to manage and avoid cost overruns and runaway TCO contracts
  • Why your success metrics model for purchases is the source of most of your headaches
  • Which contract clauses you MUST be modifying and customizing in your contracts
  • How to incentivize suppliers to want to make you successful and to be your agent in driving TCO
  • How to use all of this knowledge to catapult your skills, your results, and your career!

You will receive 6 Continuing Education Hours (CEHs) credit for attending this 4 part Webinar Series.

This training series will uncover the four dramatic shifts you need to be taking *now* to boost your skills to the next level.