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Signing up is easy and instant.  Just go to our CPSCM™ Certification page and choose whether you want the Silver, Gold, or Platinum certification option.  There is a useful matrix there that shows what you get with each certification option.   Once you’ve decided, select your option and complete registration payment.  Your access will be instantaneous.  You can then go to Member Login to access your materials at any time and go on your CPSCM™ journey.
Let us be very transparent about our objective:  we want to have the world’s largest repository of procurement professionals, all in one place.  We also want to give them a place to talk to each other and share knowledge – without being barraged with supplier advertisements.  In order to achieve these objectives, we are giving this Irresistible Offer for FREE PSCM Membership.  Sign up today and join the best in the world!

Chances are you forgot your username or password.  Please try resetting those to see if that is the issue.  If you still have issues, please send us an email at  

We do not encourage going through this program as fast as possible.  It is our experience that people learn in layers and through application, spread thoughtfully over time.  This means taking the content slowly, reviewing the materials again after completing the section, and then taking time to apply the concepts before moving onto the next section of the course. Though in rare cases we have seen registrants complete in as little as 3 months, taking this approach typically takes 6-12 months and in our experience generates better outcomes.

The price ranges from $1,297 to $2,997 – see our Silver, Gold, and Platinum options. We do not consider this a cost, but rather an investment in your career, income, and family.

When we launched the CPSCM™, we had an agreement for issuance of certifications by the University of Houston, and they agreed to issue certificates through their School of Continuing Education.  Their School of Continuing Education has since closed and as such, we are in the process of identifying other third party universities for potential alliance.  All existing and future CPSCM™ holders will benefit from any such alliances and will be notified accordingly. 

The exams are online and on demand.  You start and stop at your schedule.  In order to progress from one Module to the next in the CPSCM™ Certification program, you need to pass the corresponding exam for the last Module completed with a score of 90% or better.  You may retake the exam as many times as necessary to complete this objective. 

We currently do not have recertification requirements.  All current graduates of the CPSCM™ program will have lifetime certification.  Should we change this model in the future, you will be grandfathered under the current system. 

Yes! This is something we support around the world with many Fortune 500+ clients.  This can be done face to face (in-house or at an offsite location) or it can be done via video calls.  Typical time allocation is 4 – 5 days.  Typical class size is between 20 – 100 students.  If you would like to discuss this with us, please see our CPSCM™ In-House Certification webpage or you can fill out this form to request a proposal or discuss with a member of our team.

We are pleased to announce that we have upgraded our Learning Management System (LMS) platform to one that has the best capabilities in industry, and we feel is far ahead of the competition.  This new platform has a management dashboard whereby management and their designees can see overall group performance to CPSCM™ Certification Program completion as well as individual level performance. 

Yes we do.  We offer affiliate programs with up to 40% revenue sharing for the CPSCM™ Certification Program.  However, pre-approval requirements must be met.  Please go to our Affiliates webpage to apply to become an affiliate or to ask questions.

We have guidelines and not requirements for the CPSCM™ Certification Program.  We do not believe in forcing you to wait until the time is right, but we can advise you on what we think works best.  By far the biggest difference maker is experience.  Procurement professionals with at least 3-5 years of experience will do far better than those with little to no experience.  The CPSCM™ Certification Program presupposes this knowledge and experience in fact.  We do not have educational requirements but we do find that those with bachelor’s degrees in related fields are already equipped with the mechanics of learning, studying, and applying information – we have not found however that putting an educational requirement is valuable.  Our goal is the same as yours – increased personal knowledge and career success for you, and it is in this spirit that we make the above recommendations. 

The feedback we have been receiving from both employers and program graduates alike is that it has been and continues to be recognized, and more importantly, that it has been making a difference.  Companies that bring CPSCM™ graduates on board frequently tell us that they can see and feel the difference, and they come back for more. 

Yes we will.  Please have your employer send us an email at and we will be happy to verify CPSCM™ Certification completion. 

The Certified Global Negotiation Executive (CGNE™) is a developed and powerful program that currently is only available in virtual and face to face cohort classes and not yet online.  To register for one of these cohorts or to find out more, please contact our sister organization (Competitors View) who manages these at