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Best Part? We’ll Take You Through Real Life Examples Showing You These Secrets So You Can Internalize And Deploy Them For Yourself!

Dear Renegade Purchasing Pro, 

Listen closely: What I’m about to tell you is something that most Purchasing Pro’s will NEVER know about Purchasing… and if YOU implement these strategies in your own day to day business, it will be a real game changer for you.

Just think about experiencing a rebirth of Purchasing in a way that’s exciting, liberating and gives you opportunity for rapid career advancement.

And imagine virtually eliminating the problems of dealing rogue internal customers, enabling purchasing values for management and customers and meeting supply base reduction targets!

Imagine eliminating the hassles of finding time to both placing PO’s and negotiate contracts, trying to meet cost savings goals, business process compliance and internal audits, dealing with the legal department and sticky contracts.

Sound good? Then you’re in for a treat.


Because you’re going to learn how to eliminate the 7 Biggest Mistakes that you and every other Purchasing Professional are most likely making on a daily basis

These mistakes add up to a lot of stress, headache, sleepless nights and low satisfaction rates in our profession. But you don’t have to continue to deal with that mental garbage. You can become an elite, world-class Purchasing Professional!

Omid GhamamiHi, I’m Omid Ghamami. I made a fortune as a Purchasing Professional. 

I spent 18 years at Intel Corporation, working my way up to running the entire global purchasing operations organization, with $2.2 BILLION in total scope and responsibility!

But it wasn’t always easy. Heh… that’s an understatement. I’ve been exactly where you are at one time or another.

Like you, I landed in purchasing by accident, and was wondering how my MBA program never even uttered the word “purchasing” to help prepare me for the challenges I was facing.

I was constantly stressed about my job, and was working 60 – 70 hours a week. The stress was affecting every corner of my life.

From my health, to my relationships I was generally unhappy and unsatisfied. I tossed and turned in bed many sleepless nights.

All this took its toll on me and I knew in my heart that I must make a change if I wanted to enjoy a fruitful career AND life.

I knew that there had to be a better way, a more fulfilling way.

A way to stop the madness of Purchasing – the daily grind that I called “management by distraction,” where seemingly endless small fires are constantly being put out, but nothing of significance ever gets done.

I was busier than ever, but always drew a blank when it came time to fill out my weekly status reports for management.  

What did I really accomplish with all that racing around, chasing customer and supplier issues and excursions?  

I wasn’t driving value added purchasing strategies; I was a full time fire-fighter, and so was everyone around me – and we were supposed to be the industry leaders!  

I couldn’t figure it out.  Something was deeply flawed about the whole process.

See, we’ve all been lied too about how Purchasing should work. We were all being taught old, antiquated, bull-stuff that doesn’t work and never really did.

Enough is enough…

It was time to get out of the old and into the Now. 

So starting at square one, in methodical, step-by-step fashion I deconstructed what we’d been taught and painstakingly reconstructed the entire process of Purchasing from beginning to end.

More sleepless nights, staring at the ceiling. Month upon month of testing and tweaking my process until I’d produced a paradigm shift within Intel Corporation. A total transformation in Purchasing was born. 

This completely new shift in how to do Purchasing has been saving Intel millions of dollars per year. My results and reputation earned me the Intel title of “THE Godfather of Negotiation Planning“. 

And guess what? I actually started to ENJOY my job at Intel.

I became highly respected. I started getting a good nights sleep. My stress levels went from off the charts to almost nothing. I started getting a comfortable, full nights sleep.

My career and world felt brand new and I was rewarded substantially – personally and financially.

I started teaching my process and strategies to other companies and Purchasing Pros and proved how easily this knowledge can be transferred.

My new process is now saving untold millions for companies around the world.

“I QUIT! I’m leaving Purchasing!”

Wait… no I’m not…

What’s more, the Purchasing Pros who’ve been to my seminars and learned my process LOVE it too!

In fact, at a recent seminar, there was a guy who had been in purchasing for 10 years. Young, sharp guy. First time attending one of my seminars. His initials are FL. You’ll learn more about him later. 

I caught up with FL in the hallway after the seminar, and he told me probably one of the best stories I’ve heard that directly relates to my work:  

He said he had made the decision to leave purchasing. He was tired and frustrated with it and with all the broken aspects of purchasing.  

He had already made the decision to quit and he had informed his family. My seminar rejuvenated him and motivated him and gave him new things to try.  

He told me that by the end of the seminar, he had decided he wants to stay in purchasing, and he’s going to stay in his job and use these new techniques.  

By the time I talked to him, he had already called his wife and told her the good news. 

It is so humbling and meaningful to me that these principles are viewed as so powerful that people actually make career decisions based on them. 

You’ll see FL’s video testimony on this site soon and I plan to stay in contact with him and keep up with his progress so that I can share it as inspiration and more proof for you.

Save your money. Save your time. Save the hassle.

Now seminars are excellent environments to learn groundbreaking, career and life changing processes, but I know that you may not have the luxury of flying to one of my seminars. 

Travel, lodging and food expenses can really add up. Or the timing just isn’t right for one of several reasons. 

So forget about the high cost of travel and lodging. Forget about the time being right for you to get away. Forget about the hassle of it all. 

I’ve created a video course for you that reveals how to virtually eliminate the 7 Deadliest Mistakes Purchasing Pros are making everyday because I want to reach a wider audience and continue to make a difference. 

I want you to experience the liberation that I felt. I don’t want you to be left out. 

You can advance your career and your income at the velocity of a category 5 hurricane!

Yes, you can engage in a paradigm shift that will completely change your career and life, so much for the better that it’s going to be literally shocking to you and your family.

You can make a difference and be respected for it with my new course. 

And now here it is for YOU:


What’s separating us from massive success is just a few simple steps that are easy to implement.

We’re going to zoom in on these HUGE mistakes in detail and show you how to virtually eliminate them.

POWER PURCHASING PRO is a content-packed video program that will set you up for success with the tools you NEED to catapult your Purchasing career and start enjoying it. 

And because POWER PURCHASING PRO is a one time investment Membership site, you’ll be able to login to your Membership and go through the modules again and again… whenever you need a refresher. 

You’ll walk away enlightened, inspired and with the power to change your world. 

You won’t continue making the same mistakes almost every Purchasing Pro makes on a daily basis.  

Don’t ever suffer from these 7 Deadly Mistakes again! There’s a saying that “If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got”

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is for losers! (or the insane.)

With POWER PURCHASING PRO, you’ll be able to shortcut your time to advance your career by taking the processes and running with them, allowing you to work less hours and make more money (now wouldn’t that be nice?)

And you’ll be so much less frustrated because you won’t have to suffer with the old school processes and mistakes “everyone else” has to endure.

Now before you get this, let me tell you exactly what you’re going to discover so that you know it’s right for you. 

Here Are The 7 Deadly Mistakes You’re Going To Learn To Virtually Eliminate In My New Kick-Butt Video Membership Course!

Video Training Deadly Mistake #1.  Internal customers and management often view purchasing as just managing price, or worse yet, as managing the expediting of orders.

Cost savings are viewed with skepticism by senior management, as they are wondering, if purchasing is saving us all this money, then why isn’t that same amount of money left over in the corporate budget?

I’m going to show you how to follow a proven methodology to establish itself as a value added profit center to the organization, because that’s when purchasing employees will be recognized for – and compensated as – the difference makers they are in enabling best-in-class TCO for the company.

Establishing Purchasing Value for Management and Customers

You will learn:
  • How recognition of purchasing value completely falls apart in the corporate structure and how to fix this
  • The fatal mistake purchasing professionals are making with how they use their time
  • What non-value added activities are chewing up 75% of your time or more and how to stop
  • What tool you need to be using now that will move mountains with your customers
  • How to market purchasing results in a revolutionary way that will turn the tide of perception and support in your entire company

Video Training Deadly Mistake #2.  Purchasing professionals everywhere are chasing down rogue internal customers that strike deals with suppliers, disclose budgets, and pre-cook deals before passing them onto purchasing as an emergency order.

Companies don’t help with policies prohibiting this behavior, so  your going to learn a 3-step strategic alignment process to follow with internal customers that is absolutely critical because rogue customers will make your supply base size mushroom while also making your cost savings opportunities disappear.

Rogue Internal Customers

You will learn:

  • Why no company has an internal policy with consequences for failure to follow purchasing policy
  • What the consequence is of “after the fact PO’s” and how to eliminate their occurrence
  • What surprise internal group can be your greatest ally in chasing rogue customers and making their behavior grind to a halt
  • What one powerful reverse psychology technique will turn rogue customer groups into ambassadors and allies of purchasing
  • What the “Walk of Shame” means and how you can use it to prevent customer excursions

Video Training Deadly Mistake #3.  Manually reducing the supply base size in the corporate vendor database is one of the biggest waste- of-time activities that purchasing professionals everywhere are being forced to engage in.  

The focus is on the wrong metric.

You’re going to learn how to take a set of documented and proven steps to shift the focus to ensuring 95% of the dollars are going to 5% of the suppliers.

THAT is what where the biggest TCO influence comes about – and a dramatic reduction in the supply base will happen as a natural byproduct of this effort.

Making this shift is critical, and requires influencing management along the way. But the results that purchasing is able to generate with the freed up time as a result are priceless.

Meeting Supply Base Reduction Targets

You will learn:
  • What underlying issue exists that makes supply base queries produce useless data in nearly all companies
  • Why measuring the supply base is a complete and utter waste of time, and what you should be measuring instead
  • How to sell management on this new approach, with powerful communications provided to enable your success
  • What psychological motivation model is your absolute secret to success in getting customers on board with your supplier strategies

Video Training Deadly Mistake #4.  So many purchasing professionals are responsible for negotiating contracts AND placing purchase orders.

Having a trained purchasing professional that is fully capable of negotiating contracts also responsible for placing time-consuming purchase orders is like using a Ferrari to haul lumber.

It makes no sense.

There is a way out, and I’m going to show you a four step model that is used to influence management to make the shift.

Purchasing professionals trapped in these hybrid negotiator/PO-Expeditor roles need to make this shift because placing purchase orders is a morale killer that will stifle the purchasing professional’s performance review, salary, and ultimately career trajectory.

Nobody got on the fast track to being Director of Corporate Purchasing because they were so good at placing PO’s!

Finding Time to Both Place POs and Negotiate Contracts

You will learn:
  • Why 95% of your time placing orders will only lead to career stagnation and frustration
  • How to develop a data based proposal that will forever take you out of the PO placing function and put your career on the fast track – negotiating big deals for your company
  • A step by step approach to have your boss come back and tell you that you are too valuable to have in an order placing function
  • How to change the financial trajectory of your career and also the fulfillment you receive from what you do.

Video Training Deadly Mistake #5.  Purchasing cost savings targets are increased every year. Like clockwork, our suppliers know to expect us knocking for more savings from them.

How many times can they keep reducing profits so we can claim more savings?

It’s not sustainable. This purchasing model needs to go in a time capsule, right now!

The focus needs to shift to taking costs out of the supply chain, because there are real and proven methods to do this and that will result in dramatically better results for you and your career.

No special tools, systems, or ERP implementations are needed to do this; just the use of a documented and repeatable process that the pros use to change the TCO landscape completely.

The fact that you haven’t done it yet is great news – it means that there is a pearl in every oyster right now.

Trying to Meet Cost Savings Goals

You will learn:
  • How to completely undo and rearchitect everything you’ve been taught to produce best in class cost savings results
  • A game changing RFP/RFQ strategy that forces critical TCO reductions on the part of the supplier that you would have never achieved otherwise.
  • What critical mistakes you are making with achieving and capturing indirect/soft cost savings and how to fix it to catapult your results
  • A simple quarterly process to get your suppliers to be active participants in driving down your TCO – so they not only win your business, but have to keep on winning it!

Video Training Deadly Mistake #6. Scrambling to prepare for an internal audit is like cramming in a year’s worth of flossing right before  a dental checkup – Who does this benefit?

You’ll learn a risk assessment methodology needs to be implemented that measures risks and controls and puts the right measures in place to ensure a business that is in control but still agile and nimble.

This process document is then used to have internal audit measure compliance to your own processes – instead of to their ideas regarding what they *think* you should be doing… 

…which as we know is often completely disconnected with the realities of running a purchasing department. 

Shifting to this risk assessment process is critical because it saves you time and keeps you in compliance to your own processes instead of to somebody else’s.

Business Process Compliance and Internal Audit

You will learn:
  • Why you are a lot smarter than internal audit and how to use this to your advantage
  • How to never worry about preparing for or responding to another internal audit again – ever
  • How to get internal audit to play by your rules and not theirs by using this revolutionary but simple strategy
  • How to speak internal audit’s language and come out of every internal audit looking smelling like a rose and looking like a hero

Video Training Deadly Mistake #7.  The VAST majority of buyers are making fatal-flaw mistakes when it comes to negotiating contracts. 

From saving the terms and conditions for last to excluding critical lesser known clauses that guarantee the best price in the marketplace to allowing the supplier the opportunity to markup their purchasing contract with all their issues and concerns.

We are killing ourselves, and our suppliers are loving it.

You’re going to learn and leverage a set of powerful insider secrets regarding contract terms and conditions negotiations that are complete game changers.  

Doing so will increase supplier acceptance of our desired terms and will slash contract negotiation cycle time by 75% or more! 

Dealing With the Legal Department and Sticky Contracts

You will learn:
    • Why the legal department is where “contracts go to die” and what you can do about it
    • What game changing steps to take complete ownership of the contract review process and to slash legal review cycle time
    • What simple step will produce game changing results by almost eliminating supplier requests for contract language modifications
    • Why a legal department approved contract may still be a terrible contract for the business, and what steps you need to take to fix this – which will also prevent endless supplier excursions later

So how much are these
7 Deadly Mistake Busters worth to you?

You know, you’re obviously really serious about getting these results and I just want to take some time to acknowledge you for that. 

Most people never take the time to properly educate themselves the way you are. You’re online, your reading this and you really have the commitment and determination to do this now. That’s why you’re perfect for Power Purchasing Pro. It’s specifically designed for you. 

See, you could spend months on end testing, tweaking and trying to figure out how to eliminate these mistakes and chances are that your luck wouldn’t be that good.

Remember, I was working at Intel and had their full support to rearchitect the entire Purchasing process. I had the benefit if their resources and some very intelligent people working with me. 

These systems, processes and strategies were then refined to produce even more exceptional results over time. 

So unless you came to one of my seminars, you’d never be exposed to these processes and likely continue to suffer in your career, personal life and bank account.

You see, eliminating just ONE of these deadly mistakes would remove a lot of burden from your shoulders. Eliminating all seven of them is going change your world. 

If you were to travel to one of my seminars, it could cost you upwards of $2,000 after adding travel, lodging and food expenses. 

If you wanted me to work with you personally, I command and get $450 per hour. 

There are over seven hours of pure gold training in the POWER PURCHASING PRO course, so you’d be investing $3,150 for the personal training.

And, it’d be worth every cent because of the career and life changing results you’d get. 

But I’m not going to charge you $3,150 because I’m using the power of video and the internet to substantially reduce yours and my costs. 

So if we asked $2,000 for this course, you might start pulling your credit card out to pay for it. 

…but we’re not asking $2,000 for this Membership. 

We’re not even asking $1,500 – though it’d be worth every penny. 

You’re going to get the secret formulas and change your career and life forever for just $297!

Yep, you read that right. Just $297, and you’ll be leaps and bounds above your contemporaries in Purchasing. A small investment that will lead to more satisfaction than you’ve ever experienced in Purchasing. 

Think about it. Your choice is to keep on doing what you’ve always done and keep on dealing with all the same old bull-stuff in Purchasing or you can grab your POWER PURCHASING PRO Membership and change all that. 

And you’re not just investing in a course…you’re investing in your career…your future…adding opportunity and getting respect. 

…and your bank account will get fatter. 

So don’t wait: Get started so that you can enjoy your new-found career!

Is Guaranteed To Work For You, Catapulting Your Career And Income Potential… Or It’s FREE!

Now I NEVER sell ANYTHING of mine without a proper guarantee. 

POWER PURCHASING PRO is THE answer to improving your Purchasing career and income potential. 

Whether you’re just getting started or a seasoned professional: POWER PURCHASING PRO will absolutely SAVE you from all the headaches of trial and error. 

But if you just don’t see the value in eliminating these seven deadly mistakes, the game changing, life changing paradigm shift, you are welcome to cancel your Membership within 30 days for a full and fast refund. 

That’s right, you have three full months to implement the processes included in this content-rich program. And if for some reason, or no reason at all you are NOT convinced that POWER PURCHASING PRO will help you, just call us at 888-826-4889 and we’ll take care of your refund. 

Even if you wake up on the wrong side of the bed someday and decide to cancel Membership, you can… just call. 

The reason I can offer such a generous guarantee is because I am SO confident that if you take action on the secrets in POWER PURCHASING PRO, you’ll get your investment back and will want to refer to this program again and again. 

You Can Keep On Doing What You’ve Always Done And Keep On Getting What You’ve Always Got…
Or You Can

Take Action RIGHT NOW!

You know as well as I do… winners take action! Losers don’t… and that guarantees their losing streak will continue. 

Every time you wake up in the morning, don’t you want to feel refreshed and looking forward to your new-found career?

And don’t you want to be top-notch… the best in the business… respected and rewarded appropriately? 

Your Purchasing process is the conduit between you, your career and your lifestyle. Miss the mark and you’ll continue to be extremely frustrated and might even throw in the towel and give up like FL almost did. 

Remember, you have NOTHING to lose here. You get 30 days to implement POWER PURCHASING PRO into your career. And if you don’t see the incredible value, you can cancel your membership for a full refund. 

Hit the “Add To Cart” Button to get started with POWER PURCHASING PRO and see for yourself how these changes will give you a quantum leap in your purchasing results, career and income potential!

Yes Omid! I Want To Eliminate These 7 Deadly Purchasing Mistakes Thanks To These 7 Simple Paradigm Shifts So I Can See A Big Boost In In My Career and Income!

  • I realize that eliminating these mistakes is the best course of action I can take as a Purchasing Pro.
  • I know that I’m tapping into your 18 years of experience at Intel Corporation, studying, rearchitecting testing, tweaking and transforming purchasing…and I won’t have to go through the same trial, error, and heartache you had to go through to discover these secrets.
  • I also know that I have 30 days to use POWER PURCHASING PRO Membership — and see for MYSELF how these paradigm shifts lead to a better career and life. And I know I can always return it within three months for a FULL REFUND for any reason at all!
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Omid Ghamami’s

Join Us Now!

Dedicated To Your Purchasing Career Success,

Omid G

Omid Ghamami

P.S. 98% of Purchasing Pros will NEVER discover the 7 simple “purchasing paradigm shifts” Don’t be one of the 98%—take action today and claim your POWER PURCHASING PRO Membership and be on your way to CATAPULTING your purchasing results, career and watching your income SKYROCKET!

P.P.S. Oh and another thing… If you’re thinking these strategies won’t work for you… that you’ve tried what you’ve learned from others, you might be limiting yourself. The psychology and strategies taught in my course can’t be found anywhere else, I created them…so if you’re in the “Purchasing” business, you’ve GOT to have this!

P.P.P.S. And remember, your purchase is completely backed up by my very generous 30 day guarantee. It’s like getting to review this powerhouse program for FREE! Try it, and if you don’t think it’s worth 10 times more than the small investment…and if you really don’t think POWER PURCHASING PRO is for you, just call the PurchasingAdvantage Concierge at 1-888-826-4889 and you’ll receive a full refund… It’s that simple!

What Others Are Saying About Omid

“Your principles and tools have revamped our negotiation planning and total cost analysis processes and results.  You are THE Godfather of Negotiation Planning.” ~ Keith Erickson, Global Director of Corporate Purchasing, Intel Corp

“I have used the much of what you taught and passed the information onto others. The response from my supply partners has been outstanding. Thank you very much!” ~ RSI Home Products

“Omid is a highly skilled and practical teacher/consultant.  We just finished a very successful series of seminars.  The reviews from attendees are among the highest I have seen.” ~ Institute For Supply Management Sacramento, CA

“Omid is one of our top notch speakers in the area of sales and purchasing negotiations, pre-negotiation planning, and purchasing contract law.  We look to him as one of our best and most experienced speakers when presented with seminars in these areas.!” ~ MVP Seminars LLC

“I am in the middle of working with a key supplier to take out unnecessary costs and processes on a project that seems to be out of control. The information in this series provides just the type of tools and principles I need to bring this under control. This has got to be ‘hands down’ the best and most practical series I have ever participated in.” ~ Steve McCredie, Director of Education for the ISM”

“The most useful presentation I’ve seen in 35 years in the business.  Omid has exceptional command of the subject matter and a very fine sense of what to say and when and how. Kudos to you for getting him in front of us, and let’s see more of him, please!” ~ Teledyne Technologies Inc.

“Omid is full of energy and enthusiasm, and has provided our organization important insight to how to gain breakthrough productivity gains and quality improvements in our contract negotiation process.” ~ President of the Brazilian Council of Purchasing Executives