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Success Factor #1: What You Learn

The CPSCM™ focuses on these High ROI Pain Points and opportunity areas exclusively:

Other Procurement and Supply Chain Management (PSCM) Certification Programs focus on the END TO END of knowledge, not being able to go very deep in any of them.  This is perfect for the person who wants encyclopedic knowledge of procurement.

In doing so however, this approach covers MANY areas that experienced procurement professionals already know or never use and fails to cover the TOP areas that our research and practice consistently shows causes endless problems for seasoned Procurement Industry Veterans and Fortune 500+ Procurement Organizations alike.   

The CPSCM™ focuses on these High ROI Pain Points and opportunity areas exclusively:


Transforming the entire procurement life cycle to have a singular focus on the Negotiation, Contracting, and Acquisition of Performance Results (instead of goods & services)


Establishing negotiations as a corporate capability, through Away From the Table Strategies, At The Table Strategies, Investigative Negotiations, Value Creation, and advanced Deal Design strategies.


Optimizing Risk and Controls in organizational processes to enable results and not cripple them. 


Driving upstream Design for TCO to take an average of 18% out of product and service cost BEFORE ever entering negotiations!


Leveraging supplier innovation models that achieve breakthrough TCO while ensuring the burden of performance remains with the supplier.


Leading advanced approaches to take costs out of the supply chain rather than exclusively pushing costs back to suppliers.


Giving CPOs the tools to transform their procurement organizations from cost centers into Value Added Centers of Profit.


Giving Procurement Professionals the tools to put them on The CPO Fast Track.