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World Class Contract Management – The ULTIMATE Reference Guide for Purchasing Professionals

eBook – 227 pages


eBook – 227 pages

This book is intended to give an overview of the highly critical skill of purchasing contract management (or what sales professionals would call ‘sales contract management’).

Purchasing professionals are consistently plagued by inadequate knowledge of purchasing contract law, which becomes a capability and therefore a career liability.

The goal of this book is to address this problem and turn this liability to an area of strength and competitive advantage for purchasing professionals.

This book is intended to be a timeless reference guide, and is written for the practitioner – the person who wants concrete and actionable direction to do their job better and get their career on the fast track.

The importance and purpose of contracts is covered, followed by how to customize purchasing contracts to fit the purchase, and then a detailed coverage of all major contract clauses, what they mean, and how to negotiate them. The book closes out with best in class post contract management practices.