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Purchasing Negotiation Training – Get Out of Dark Ages

Get Your Negotiations Out of the Dark Ages No matter what industry or geography I get contacted by, the request is always the same: “come talk to us about negotiations”.  It’s a hot topic, that’s for sure.  I’m just not happy with the state of the union though. There’s so much bad information out there on …

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Purchasing Training ~ Validation of Demand

Are You Performing “Validation of Demand” With Your End Users? Ok, you’ve heard me say before that I prefer we not call anyone inside of our companies the “customer”.  The only customer we have is the Board of Directors, Taxpayers (for public entities), Shareholders (for private companies), and Internal Audit (for all companies!). So the right …

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Purchasing Training ~ Breakthrough Negotiation

Getting Breakthrough Negotiation Results Suppliers are pretty smart.  They are smarter than you think actually.  Did you know sales people spend up to 40% of their time in training, while purchasing on average spends less than 2% of their time in training? It’s no wonder they are able to be so capable in selling solutions.  And as the …

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